#7 Finding Joy In…Coming Home

Okay. I’m flying home to Arizona now. The day we got to Bali I got sick. I slept a total of 5 hours + another 8 hours at night. I think my body had hit its breaking point of exhaustion. When I woke up in the morning I received texts from people back home and had not 1 but 3 job offers!!! God is SO good!!! The group and I all rejoiced together and thanked God! When you put your faith fully in Christ amazing things happen!


We spent that night in Bali visiting a beautiful beach and swimming. We all had an amazing time just enjoying each other’s company. We all had the mindset of “We just did some amazing work, let’s kick back tonight and enjoy this”. The next morning we woke up to visit a youth center in Bali.


The testimonies I heard at the youth center from the staff were so moving. These people came from the darkest places and all different religions. Satan was attacking them in ways I can’t even imagine. All of these people overcame some crazy dark times when they discovered who Jesus was.

Most of these people came from families of different religions. I can’t imagine the pain they dealt with when they discovered Jesus knowing their families would not approve.


The owner of the youth center was such an inspiration. His name was Ado and he came

From Australia. He had a huge passion for surfing (a very non-Christian world) and a passion for Jesus. So he did what most said would be impossible and he combined his love for surfing and his love for Jesus together. With trust and faith he created an amazing youth center that has brought so many to Christ.


I sat down with him at lunch and talked to him about how I want to take my love for fitness and health and my love for Christ and combine them, just like he did. Like surfing, the gym world is NOT a Christian, God honoring world. It’s a very self serving, egocentric, materialistic world. And I chose to be a part of it. He encouraged me to never stop pursuing that passion to help others and to pray hard that God opens door. I told him how I lost my job recently and he said *in a super cool Australian accent* “well there you go! God’s already opened one door for you!”

HE’S RIGHT! Oh my gosh.

So many people say things like “God didn’t answer my prayers how I wanted so I don’t believe in Him.”

Well what kind of world would we be in if every prayer request was answered exactly how we wanted? (Have you ever seen Bruce Almighty?)

God answers every single one of our prayers. Maybe not exactly how we want but He answers them In a way that is beneficial for us.

I’ve spent the last few days at my dads in California, decompressing and enjoying the beach.


I’m going to take back so much from this trip.

Top ten things I’m taking back from my time in Indonesia:

10- Work hard at EVERYTHING no matter how big or small the job is

9- Stop putting myself first. When you put others first God will take care Of You.

8- Children are hands down the biggest blessings that God has given this world. Now I understand what “faith like a child” means.

7- The people you surround yourself with will impact who you are more then you think.

6- Never take anything for granted. (Clean water, money, food, toilets, paper towel, shopping trips, clothing, etc)

5- Worshiping together with people who speak different languages is the best bonding experience you’ll ever have.

4- I have a very big appreciation and respect for foreigners who come to America.

3- Things I thought mattered so much really don’t. (Ex: my clothes, social media likes, my weight, how much money I have) who I am and how I treat others says more about me than any pair of shoes ever could.

2- God will provide. ALWAYS.

1- My faith in Christ is stronger than it’s ever been before. I feel like my soul got a revival. The things I cared about and wanted before aren’t the same. I don’t feel tempted by the things I used to be tempted by. I feel God in my daily life more than I ever have.

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