#5 Finding Joy In…Becoming Famous!?

You guys aren’t going to believe this one.

Let’s start at the top….

Today was the last day in Papua. We went to the orphanage and hung out with the kids for the last time. We started off with songs and a devotion. Almost all of the children accepted Christ into their hearts. I was a crying mess. It was honestly the sweetest moment I’ve ever experienced. Seeing all the little Children singing to God with their eyes closed, crying, and lifting their little hands to Jesus.

NOTHING can beat that feeling. It was incredible.


After that we taught classes! I of course taught the fitness class. Trying to teach 30+ children who speak zero English how to workout was actually not as hard as I thought. The only problem is they learn by example so today I did about 100+ push-ups and jumping jacks in the 80 degree 90% humidity. After that we played hours of soccer and volleyball. (i finally got my workout in).  I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been that hot and sweaty. It was awful. But at the same time the funnest thing in the world. They smoked us. These Indonesian kids are athletic as heck!!


Once that was over we said our goodbyes. This sucked. Saying goodbye and hearing them tell me “I love you” made my heart hurt in ways I can’t even take. I wanted so badly to take a few of them home with me. My favorite little girl, Esa, gave me the longest, biggest hug goodbye. I pray that I can stay in touch with her. She wants to be a pilot when she grows up and is valedictorian of her school. She’s so smart I’m so proud of this little girl who I’ve known for only 3 days. You know when you meet a child and you just know they are destined for greatness??? This is her. I can’t wait to see how God uses her as she grows up.


Welp after that we were tired and covered head to toe in sweat, bug spray, and dirt. Literally the most disgusting combination. We went back to the hotel to clean up and head over to the Sentani festival!


This festival is  a huge cultural experience where the Papuan people celebrate their culture and history. It was Packed!!!! Together the group walked about 1 mile from where we parked to go to the main event. It was scary.  I was hanging on to one of the men in our group the entire time as sentani men would Holler and grab at me. It was awful!!! Once we got closer we noticed many people were staring at us, taking pictures of us, and following us.

As we got closer a guard motioned for me to follow her. She brought us front row next to the mayor of Sentani to watch the show!!! IT WAS INSANE! The entire show there were  tv reporters, photographers, and random people who were photographing us. Little girls were coming up to me asking my name, and just trying to get close enough to stare at us. (I am seriously not making this up.) after the show people rushed us to take selfies with us! It was insane! People literally lined up to take pictures with me???! Then we got word that the mayor wanted to invite us to his special dinner. So we followed him and his guards to the back where an incredible feast was prepared. ALL of the most official people of Sentani were there. The mayor was so into us being there from America. They made us feel like royalty. Camera crews interviewed us and multiple people continuing to follow us and take pictures as we walked around and ate dinner. This was by far the most amazing experience I’ve ever had!

These people had no idea who we were but one thing is for sure. We were without a doubt the only Americans in this entire place. So tomorrow we leave at 7am to go to Medan for the next Orphanage. These children will be a little bit older than the last children and will know English better. I’m so excited!!!


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