#3 Finding Joy In… Being At Peace

Day 4:

Today was incredible. I’m going to make this one shorter than my last because I have nothing negative to say.

We started the day with breakfast. I can be a picky eater and I didn’t recognize almost any of the food. So I grabbed the only thing that looked familiar to me…a donut. And boy was it good.

We had morning devotions with the group about how to be a servant to others and prayed for our day.  We left to head back to the orphanage and I was feeling much more confident this time. When we showed up the kids once again were all waiting for us eagerly. We sang songs, danced, and laughed. Then we handed them gifts individually. These gifts weren’t new fancy toys, new video games, or fancy cool clothes. They were old t-shirts that got turned into clothes made by women from our church in California, old hair clips from one of the pastors daughters and some fun ” home-made slime” for them to enjoy. All things American children wouldn’t dream of getting on Christmas morning. In fact most American children would be upset with these gifts. But not the Sentani children. One little girl even cried she was so thankful. The gratitude these children expressed for their new clothes was unbelievable. They even sang us a song of thanks for their things. One by one they hugged us and thanked us for their gifts.

After that we played some soccer with the kids, ate lunch, and went swimming in the lake. The entire day was us getting to know them better and create that special bond.


All together our crew suffered some Injuries and discomforts:  One of the leaders got sick and nearly fainted, someone cut their foot terribly, someone’s contacts got lost and he couldn’t see.

someone had allergic reactions on his skin, someone ended the day in hives , and I nearly broke my toe playing soccer and now it’s black and blue.  On top of that the humidity was at about 90%. The amount of sweat and dirt covering our bodies was insane. And don’t even get me started on the bug bites.


Through all of these trials though none of us complained. We enjoyed every second of our time with these children. THAT’S when you know your heart is in a place of humility and servitude.

I thanked God as I went to bed for changing my heart like I asked him to. Tonight I pray for patience that God will give my heart the patience I need to get through the days.


Goodnight ❤️

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