#4 Finding Joy In…Getting Fat

   Today was amazing. Yet again. I laugh when I think about how scared I was the first day. Don’t get me wrong it’s still a scary place. As long I’m in the hotel or the orphanage I feel pretty safe. Tonight though we ventured out into the streets to go to “Papa Rons pizza” (papa rons is papa johns long lost Asian brother, I’m not joking. They legit have a papa Rons here that is supposed to be just like a knock off version of  Papa johns. It’s hilarious!) It was scary walking to the restaurant but we have some pretty big strong guys in our group that make me feel super safe.


Our group is incredible. We have pastor Ricky (he is leading the group. He is from Indonesia), Kenneth and Dephia (pastor Ricky’s Children), Jordan and Caleb (the big guys who make me feel safe and also are the sweetest brothers you’ll ever meet), Kevianna, Jackson, Jovanna and Ryan  (two of the leaders),  and Cindy ( recently became a believer of Christ and is already on her first ever mission trip). Our group is so diverse and we are such a vast age group. But we all click perfectly. We get along so good and we respect each other. I’m so blessed to have this group of people.


Everything at the orphanage went perfect today. We played games, painted nails, gave haircuts, and just hung out all day. It was perfect. We created the most special bonds with these children. I learned a lot of Indonesian words today too.  At the middle of the day we had lunch and helped them make it. I nearly barfed when I saw it. I forgot the name of it. But The base of the meal is this ‘glue like’ consistency of gel, then they made the broth and it was all good until they put an entire fish in it all chopped up, head and everything. I Gagged so bad and hope nobody saw. I couldn’t eat it. I declined politely. So I stuck to my traditional white rice, tofu, and fried chicken. Ughhhhh I am so sick of fried food. But it’s the only stuff that I trust to eat. As a personal trainer and someone who eats 80% paleo this is the hardest part for me. Seeing my body change each day in the smallest ways, more cellulite, squishier love handles, bigger arms. It was a challenge for me. I prayed a lot asking God to help me love my body even in the midst of this time. The last thing I should have been worrying about was what my body looked like. But if you know anything of my past eating and body image has been a struggle for me all my life. God helped me overcome those thoughts reminding me that when i got back from the trip I would be allowed to workout and eat healthy again.


At the end of the day we gave them gifts. We provided a volleyball net, soccer goals, and balls for the kids to play sports. We gave the kitchen a new blender, the owners a new tv, and a new speaker system. Then of course we had a dance party that lasted a while. Oh my gosh. That was my favorite. Just dancing with the kids and having the time of our lives!!! It was such a special day. I can’t believe I have to leave them tomorrow before going to Medan.


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