#1 Finding Joy In…. New Adventures

Hi everyone!!

I’m here in the beautiful Bali, Indonesia. I’m completely blown away by the beauty of this place. Every hour or so I remember that I’m on the complete opposite side of the world of my home, family, and friends and it kind of freaks me out. But nonetheless I’m obsessed with this place.

There’s so much greenery here and flowers and smells!! Last night we went to Uluwatu to watch the traditional dance of Bali. It was amazing! I love how this country is so true to their traditions and culture. After that we ate dinner on the beach with tons of amazing seafood, coconuts, and rice. It was delicious!!   The weirdest part of this trip is I feel so completely helpless at times. The only words I know in Indonesian are:

“Thanks” – Tarima kasih

and eat- Makan (because I like to eat).


There’s been a few times where I’ve panicked thinking “If I lose my group then I’m SOL because I don’t know ANYTHING!” I can finally understand how scary it must be for people who speak no English come to America for the first time.

I definitely feel myself growing a lot as a person and truly understanding the idea of “gratefulness” the Indonesian people value their families more than anything. It doesn’t matter what you look like,  what clothes you wear, or what car you have. I wish America was more like this!

This trip so far has been the highlight of “The year of 23” (The year of 23 is this year that i have dedicated to being an intentional woman and making big changes in my life).  If I could recommend one thing to anyone in their 20s and single.  Go on a crazy trip far far away while you’re single, step out of your comfort zone and explore this world. You’ll learn more about who you are and your heart will grow immensely.   


I’ll continue to write about my trip! Until then Tarima khasi for reading!! 🙂


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