Finding Joy in…prophecy in a coffee shop

Happy July 27! Can you all believe that August is right around the corner? Where has this year gone!?

Today I want to write about something that happened to me last night. It was one of the most spiritual experiences I have ever had. For years I wondered why these spiritual experiences didn’t happen to me. Why they happened to everybody around me, yet not me. It didn’t occur to me until last night that when you invite the Holy Spirit into your life, you are more prone to experiencing these amazing spirit filled experiences. I can honestly say that I am at a point in my life now where I feel Christ more than ever. He transformed my heart in Indonesia, but transformed it even more when I returned to America (which I cannot thank Him enough for). I had to make sacrifices and changes in my life. I stopped going to my old gym because I felt like it was only bringing me further from Christ. I’ve dedicated my workouts to “me time” at a new & quieter gym.  I really started watching what music I was listening to, and listening to more Christian music, and I also had to prioritize my time each day. I’ve now spent time in the Word almost every day since coming back from my trip. When I say that your faith is like working out I really mean it. Each day I feel my heart growing stronger and stronger in Christ. Just like I feel my body getting stronger and stronger from the gym the more I go.

So because I am trying to make changes in my life and bring more of Jesus into my everyday i’ve tried new things. Last week I was sitting at a coffee shop and I saw a flyer for a church that meets Wednesday nights at this coffee shop. I didn’t think twice. I said “I’M GOING!” So I gathered some girls who I know love Jesus just as much as I do and we went. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

We showed up and there were about 10 people. This church was literally just starting out. I’ve been in the church my entire life. My dad is a pastor, I KNOW how a church is supposed to be ran. It took everything in me not to critique every bit of the service. I’m used to a very structured and organized style of service. This church literally just let the Spirit lead. The first hour went by and I had yet to “feel the Spirit”. So I thought “Okay, i’m ready to go now.” My friend Bri looks at me and says “just stay. just wait.” So I sat back down and BOOM. SOMETHING HAPPENED!!!

We all have gifts of the spirit. But when someone is capable of tapping into their gift on a higher level amazing things can happen. The girl leading this service CLEARLY had the gift of prophesy. All of a sudden she erupted with prophetic things. I have had somebody prophecy my life before but not on this level. She first started talking to one of my girl friends Kristin, and I could sense that this girl was hitting home in a lot of areas of Kristin’s life. I’m thinking “okayyyyy… this is getting kind of cool. i’m just gonna let her do her thing.”

Then she came to me….woah!

Immediately she starts off with saying that Christ views me as the sunshine. (okay cool…what else you got for me?) She then goes into how God is telling her that He see’s my efforts, He see’s that my heart is on fire for Him and that I have big visions, (Okay….that’s pretty cool.) Then she goes “God is showing me that you have a passion for children. I see you surrounded by children and you’re ministering to them and loving them.” UMMMMM WHAT!?! I just spent 17 day in Indonesia ministering to children. How did she even know that? (well….. God showed her). I lost it. I started crying because I miss those children in Indonesia more than anything. They touched my heart in ways it hasn’t been before.  Then things got even crazier. She goes “I see you in a red medical uniform?” I WEAR RED SCRUBS TO WORK!!!!!!! WHAT THE FLIP!!?!?!?!??! She says God is showing her that it represents my ability to heal peoples souls, to create communities of healing and hope.  If any of you know me. you know that my passion and my vision for my own life is to create community with women. To encourage women, to walk side by side with women in their faith and lives. And to really show them their true beauty.

You guys I can’t even explain to you in a short blog post how incredible this was for me. She said way more that I will leave out but God spoke through that woman on a whole new level. It is soooo amazing that God uses us as vessels to bring light into this world. I was shook to say the least after last night. Some of you may think this is creepy and strange and normally I would be right there with you, trust me I am not the most charismatic person when it comes to this stuff. But it wasn’t weird at all. It was the most encouraging thing I have heard all week. I’ve been waiting and praying for God to open these doors and one by one He is. None of this would have happened though if I first didn’t open my heart to HIm.

A few days ago I was talking with a dear friend of mine. She has been a mother figure, a counselor, a supporter, and a friend to me for many years. I was telling her about all the struggles and changes I have been going through this past month. She said the most beautiful thing:

“The struggles you are going through are like Christ’s death on the cross. It’s sad but so so good and necessary. Friday was the day Christ was put on the cross. It was sad and heartbreaking. You have experienced your ‘Friday’ already. You endured the hurt and the pain. Saturday was the day Christ spent in the tomb, the pain was over and now the hope of new beginnings is coming.  So now you are in your ‘Saturday’, you see the hope that there is and you see what good is coming. Sunday was the day that Christ rose from the grave. It was the joyful and amazing day. Now you have hope because the worst part is over, and your ‘Sunday’ Is coming!

Today I am finding joy in….

1 The people that God puts in my life.

2. The amazing and crazy ways He speaks to us.

3. THAT MY SUNDAY IS COMING! and so is all of yours!

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  1. Sarah says:

    God Mic. Love you.

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