Finding Joy In… My favorite health/fitness products this month!

JULY 2017: Favorite products.



So I thought it would be helpful for all of you on fitness journeys to see what types of products/supplements/ etc that I use on a daily basis and what I love about them!

This month has been a month of me getting back on track with my diet and exercises. After getting a bad case of Salmonella i have been paying a lot of attention to my gut and my immune system. 


Probiotic: Farmhouse Culture Gut Shot i’m not even going to lie this taste so awful. But if you mix it with some pineapple juice its not so bad. The great thing about this is it’s 100% natural and comes from veggies. My favorite flavor is the Ginger Beet!  You can find this at any natural foods store. I got mine at Sprouts.


Vitamin C: You have all heard of EmerganC right? Well that stuff WORKS. Taking Vitamin C every single day is a great way to keep your immune system strong. I get the Whole Foods 365 Brand because its cheaper and you get more!

Protein powder: So I am Paleo for about 80% of the time. I also am allergic to peas (literally the only food i’m highly allergic to) So I cant have pea protein. I found this Paleo Protein Powder at sprouts and its AMAZING! Its made from beef and egg white protein. And the best part is it taste amazing! I have this almost every day with almond milk and almond butter.


Energy: So I have a very sensitive stomach. And lately (especially after salmonella) the acid in coffee is way too harsh on my stomach.  The two products i love for a boost of energy are Nuun Energy Tablets and Yogi Tea for energy and focus both of these are amazing!!! But trust me if I could have coffee I totally would!




Sweet Tooth: oh my freaking gosh you guys…..THIS IS THE HOLY GRAIL OF SWEETNESS!!!! G BUTTER will change your life! I got the Birthday Cake one and my roommate and I finished the whole jar in 1 week. The best part of this stuff is that you can microwave it and it turns into a cupcake!!! When you are watching your diet having a sweet tooth is the worst. But when you find something that is amazing and wont destroy your diet it’s a glorious moment. I HIGHLY recommend.


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