Finding Joy In… FOAM ROLLING! why it’s important and what it does to your body.

Happy Wednesday Beautiful People!!


It’s a dark rainy day here in Arizona again. This is monsoon/haboob season. For those of you who do not know what a monsoon or haboob is (No they are not things you call your husband/boyfriend when he’s being difficult) it is basically when all the dust from the desert lifts off the ground, forms a giant cloud, then throws itself onto the city and mixes with rain. So yeah it’s quite the sight to see.


Last week I did a pretty intense leg workout. I noticed as I was squatting my range of motion was not as great as it used to be in the past On top of that, for DAYS after I experienced DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and was beyond sore. I am sure all of you have experienced that feeling before. Where you question “ Was the workout even worth all of this pain?” Well all that pain could have been avoided with one simple thing.




For some of you foam rolling may seem like a waste of time, for others of you who have done foam rolling you avoid it at all cost because you know how uncomfortable it really is. Well, I am here to explain to you:

  1. What foam rolling is
  2. What it does for your body
  3. Why it is important.



Well, foam rolling is basically a form of myofascial Release you do on your own. (McKenzie English please…..) Myofascial Release is when you essentially rub out (With force) your sore muscles. Fascia are the connective tissues that bind and stabilize your muscles. (that weird white skin stuff that you see on your chicken breast, only ours is a bit more tough.) When you rub out the fascia you are, not only improving your muscles’ range of motion you are also boosting the blood circulation, breaking up the knots in your muscles, and reinforcing the muscle tissue integrity.


  1. What does foam rolling do for your body?

Essentially, foam rolling is a deep tissue massage. The same reason you would go to the spa for a deep tissue massage (minus the zen muscle and random persons hands all over your naked body) is why you foam roll. To release soreness and toxins built up in the muscle. But there is more then just that. Foam rolling is an excellent way to improve your body’s range of motion. The reason your squat may not be very deep is because the muscles around your hips, knees, and low back are too tight to allow you to go any further. When you loosen these muscles you allow your body to have a greater range of motion.

“But McKenzie I don’t even squat…” Well I’m sure you move your body don’t you? Having a more flexible body with a greater range of motion an even make daily task much easier. Like: Moving, picking up your children, Bending down to tie a shoelace. For some of you your days are spent sitting in front of a computer. Your legs don’t get much circulation. Spending 10 minutes per day foam rolling your legs will help increase the circulation in your legs.


  1. Why is foam rolling important?

Well after reading the other two points I am sure you have a good idea on why foam rolling is important. But I’ll write them down for reference.

  1. Foam rolling releases tightness in sore muscles
  2. It helps muscles recover faster
  3. It increases blood circulation
  4. Foam rolling increases flexibility in muscles allowing for a greater range of motion.
  5. It feels good after the first 10 minutes
  6. Its cheaper than a massage.


So there you have it people. Go get you a foam roller today! After 1 week of daily rolling I think you will be impressed by how good your body feels. I will attach a picture below with directions on how to foam roll!


Today find joy in the fact that your body has the ability to recover!!!


foam roll.jpg

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