Finding Joy In….the white man.

Hello everybody! Today I am back home in Arizona after spending 10 great days in Michigan, visiting family. We celebrated the marriage of one of my cousins, I went on a girls shopping trip to Chicago, and enjoyed laughing and catching up with cousins, aunts, and uncles that I haven’t seen in quite a while.

While I was gone all I could see all over social media and the news the events happening in Charlottesville and all over America. The hate, the anger, the violence. It’s clear right now our country is in turmoil against one another.
So as I’m sitting in the airport waiting to board I notice this white, very clean cut, tall, man sitting next to me on his phone. I heard him mention “church” so Immediately I start to listen (I’m nosey ok??) I pick up that he is a missionary full time in Japan. I hear him talking more about how he wishes he was back in Japan as a missionary and how glad he is that he only has to be in America for a few weeks. The man is going on and on about how much he “hates America” and how selfish, rude, and overweight we all are. He is saying things like “The people here are awful, all the women think they are super models when they are 300lbs over weight, but I guess they are all God’s creatures.” This lasted about 10 more minutes.  And maybe he is right about a few things but the way he delivered it and how negative and hateful he was after knowing that he is a follower of Christ made me so angry.  So now i’m praying that God will either hold me back from slapping this guy or that God will give me the right words to say to this guy.

   The man continues to speak incredibly disrespectful about America. In my head I’m thinking “THEN LEAVE! America has enough hate right now. We don’t need you!” Finally I can’t take it any longer that’s when I inhale, stand up, and walk over to him. I politely and quietly say,

“Excuse me. Maybe if you prayed for Americans instead of talking so terribly    about them things would change. You sir, are not acting very Christ like.”

I walked away feeling very proud of myself for standing up for Christians and my country. Two minutes passed and the man approached me. He said, “You know, you are right. I am sorry. Thank you for calling me out on that. God Bless.”

                                                         WELL I SHOWED HIM…..kidding.

To be rather honest, I am not a political person. I stay away from getting in arguments or disagreements. Right now the white/Christian man is not everybody’s favorite. The white race has done things recently that are undeniably awful. Our country is divided. Hate is overcoming hearts much too fast. I shake my head in disbelief as I read and watch videos of what people are doing in this country. The country we call the Land of The Free. The country that people risk their lives to come to in hopes of a better tomorrow. The country that “prides” itself on diversity. It breaks my heart. We need Jesus more than ever right now. Race, religion, gender, etc should not be what we fight over. There are literally people dying on the streets of 3rd world countries because of disease, hunger, and human trafficking. While we’re over here fighting each other because of how we look? For real!? We’re fighting each other because of who we pray to at night? We are fighting each other because of who we chose to love? We don’t have to agree with everyones choices, but we DO have to love them.
Satan is sitting back with a bowl of popcorn laughing and watching because the people of America are letting him win through violence and hate.

As a Christian/White/Hispanic/American woman I want to stand up for my country, my race, and my religion. I refuse to let satan win over my country because my God is bigger than any problem satan try’s to throw at us. To be honest the thought of having children someday in the future terrifies me. Why would I want to bring a child up in this country filled with hate? But then I remember it’s up to my generation to raise future leaders of America, that we are taught to love Above all else.

My prayers tonight are that God reveals Himself in a powerful way, that Our president can recognize what is really going on in this country, that together as Americans we can come Together for 5 Seconds and just realize we’re wasting our energy on petty things when we could be unified in Love…. I am also praying for the white men and women whose hearts are filled with anger and hate right now. That they realize what they are doing and how it is destroying our country. I believe that starts with us, standing up for love. And to the Christians: I encourage you to stand up for what Christ has called us to do. Love others. Stand up for what you believe in and call people out on their s^*#! Once in a while.

Today I find joy in:
1. That there’s still hope for this amazing country that I call home.
2. The Christians who are exemplifying Christ’s love to others.
3.  The bravery God gave me to speak up to that man.


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