Finding Joy in…. The power of water and how it impacts your weight loss.

Is it fall yet guys? If you live in Arizona like I do, you’re probably asking this question every day as it’s about 106 degrees here AND it’s September. It literally feels like you are walking in a giant oven when you leave stores. It feels like satan himself touched the state of Arizona with his firey finger of death. Have you ever seen the children’s Christmas classic “A year Without Santa Clause”? Well I’m pretty sure parts of that movie were filmed in Arizona…. Song-HeatMiser

Thats the Heat Miser…and all of us Arizonians parading around in the heat.


Okay I am being slightly dramatic (not really though). With the heat comes sweat! and with sweat comes dehydration. People who live in hotter states like Arizona especially have a greater risk of severe dehydration. Thats why it is so important to DRINK WATER!!! Drinking water is important for staying hydrated but you know what else water is great for??? WEIGHT LOSS! Research has shown that dehydration and obesity go hand in hand. People who drink less water have a higher body mass index (BMI)

Here are a few reasons why drinking more water will help you lose weight faster:

#1. It helps cut back on unnecessary calories.

When it’s hot outside an ice cold soda, iced coffee, or a cold sports drink sound great. But all of those come with added calories and ZERO nutrients. If you’re like me then you don’t like to drink your calories (unless it’s a yummy protein shake or the occasional glass of wine).  Not only is water great for hydration and your health IT HAS ZERO CALORIES! According to this study , it was found that people who are drinking an added 8oz glass of water daily ate 68 fewer calories, and those who drank 3 glasses of water consumed 205 fewer calories! This led to 1/2 lb of weight loss each week! All they had to do was drink more water! SO EASY!

“But McKenzie water is so boring…” Add some flavor! Like some fruit! I love to add fresh limes and lemons to my water!

#2. Drinking water gives you more energy!

When you are dehydrated you feel sluggish and tired. Chugging a glass of cold water before hitting the gym can give you a great boost of energy. I like to add a scoop of pre workout to my water before I head to the gym. My favorite brand is About Time Pre Workout, It is completely all natural which I love. Some pre workout can give you serious gitters and make your heart pound. This one is a great natural energy before a hard workout.

Drinking more water by going from four 8oz glasses to eight 8oz glasses can increase your mood and reduce fatigue. So who doesn’t want to be happier and have more energy?


#3. Drinking water can increase your metabolism.

Your metabolism is that thing that helps you burn calories. Its the reason for that one friend we all have who eats and eats and eats and never gains a lb. Unfortunately we don’t all have that same metabolism. But drinking more water can actually increase your metabolism! Drinking 16oz of water can lead to a temporary 30% spike in your metabolism! Wanna burn an extra 200 calories? Drink drink a more water (about 1 liter more then you normally would). It has even been believed that drinking ice cold water can help you burn more calories, since your body burns calories trying to warm it up.


#4. Drinking water fuels your workout!

I usually only drink water when I workout (mixed with a little BCAAS and L- Glutamine for muscle recovery.) You should be drinking 17-20 oz of water a few hours before a workout, 20-30oz during a workout, and 8oz after your workout.  Working out while you’re dehydrated can keep you from pushing yourself harder and achieving a great workout! So drink up!


How do I know if I need more water?

  • Your urine is dark yellow. If you are drinking enough water your urine should be almost clear. If it is a darker shade of yellow then you are dehydrated.
  • You have chapped lips . (no you don’t just need chapstick)
  • Your mouth is dry.
  • You are experiencing dry Skin, breakouts, and pre mature aging.
  • Joint pain, Our cartilage and spinal disk are made up of 80% water!
  • You get sick often. Water is what helps your body flush the toxins out.
  • You’re constantly hungry. When you are dehydrated your body can trigger that as being hungry.
  • You are experiencing digestive problems and constipation.

Drinking water is also much easier when you have a cute water bottle with you at all times to refill.

My favorite water bottles:

  • Swell Insulated water bottle I love this one because it’s cute! But it’s kind of heavy and not ideal for carrying around all day.
  • Nathan Water Bottle This is my favorite water bottle because it has a loop on it and its easy to carry and I can attach my keys to it at the gym. This one is also the cheapest and has measurements on it for you to track your water intake!
  • Blender Bottle This is the ideal bottle if you are mixing protein powder, BCAAs, or pre workout.



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