Finding Joy in… A new year! My top 6 strategies to being a better 24 year old.(or any age for that matter)

So the year of 23 has officially come to an end. I’ve been 24 for exactly 5 days. I went back and read the blog I wrote about turning 23 and all that I wanted to accomplish. Well I wouldn’t say it was a complete disaster. I accomplished most of the things I wanted to. However, 23 turned into being much more than I had ever anticipated. I grew in ways I didn’t know I could. I was hurt by people, I lost my job, I started working for an amazing new company, I experienced health scares, I struggled financially, I traveled the world, I traveled the country, I made friends and I lost friends, I read good books, and I moved to a new city. Through it all though, I became more of who I wanted to be and more of who God has called me to be.

So lets stop talking about the past here. I want to use this blog to talk about the top 6 things I learned and how I will apply them to this next year. These are all things I feel can be beneficial to all of you who are reading, no matter the age! Living life in your twenties is a crazy battle of figuring out who you are and what you want to be. I still don’t have it figured out and I think when I look back at this blog in 20 years I’ll be laughing at myself. So here you have..

My top 6 strategies to being a better 24 year old/person.

#1. “Let’s not be too hasty” –Aladdin

One thing I struggle with the most is patience. I HATE WAITING. For my next meal, for my nails to dry, for my uber driver to arrive, for decisions to be made, to text a boy back, and especially for God’s plan. (This was something that ALWAYS got me in trouble.  No matter what. Word of advice JUST WAIT.) Anyways…. what i’m getting at is patience is a virtue. Like meditation you have to practice being good at it. Patience is key if you want to be successful though. Nothing good ever comes from hurrying the process or rushing a project. Enjoy the journey and don’t let your hastiness get in the way of something that could be beautiful.

#2. What the world needs now, is love sweet love.

As most of you know I went to Indonesia for 17 days. (And yesterday I decided to go back!). While I was there the #1 thing I learned was how to love better. Love comes in so many ways, shapes, and forms. But it all conveys the same message. The people of Indonesia taught me the true meaning of Corinthians 13. We all have different love languages (and if you don’t know yours click here to find out). But when it comes down to it we were all designed to love and be loved in one specific way…how Christ loves us.

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.  It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.  Love never fails.”

We get so caught up in ourselves here in America. I mean just turn the tv on and you’ll see how unloving the world has truly become. When you love like Christ is when you notice change in your own heart.

#3. Forgiveness.

YIKES! This is a scary word. I wrote about forgiving others in my last blog. But bottom line here… Forgiveness is mandatory. You have to forgive in order to move on with your life. I have had to forgive people this past year, some who have apologized and some who have not. Forgiveness is not being weak. It is being strong in who you are and rising above the anger, hate, or frustration you are feeling. It is being more like Christ and accepting that we are all human and we all make mistakes.

#4. Trusting God when times get hard.

Lately, I have spent more nights crying over “What the heck am I going to do next?!” than I have in my whole life. Twenties are a wonderful time where some days you’re thinking, “I am unstoppable! The world is my oyster. I CAN DO ANYTHING!!!” And the other days are spent saying, “I will never amount to anything and all I can afford is ramen noodles.” There is no in between. When I unexpectedly lost my job a few months ago my immediate thoughts were, “WHAT AM I GOING TO DO!?!” Then after lots of prayer and some tears I realized, “Hold on. I have God on my side. I have been praying for doors to open and he literally just knocked down a door for me.” I chose to take this scary moment and thank God for giving it to me. I am now finally out of an environment I didn’t love and I’m happier and moving on to bigger and better things that I know Christ has planned for me. All because I TRUSTED that He would provide. Trust is when you completely and wholeheartedly let go. It’s hard if you like having control like me but once you do it, it’s almost freeing because you know everything will be okay. Maybe you didn’t lose a job, maybe you’re just struggling financially, have family issues,  or you’re in a bad relationship and you’re scared to get out. Once you truly sit and listen to Christ and trust Him you will be free of that anxiety and worry. I promise you that.


After I got out of a relationship in January I was pretty upset. I decided that the only one who could actually look out for my heart was me. So I went to seminars, I read books, I did yoga, I took my gummy vitamins, I hung out with my girlfriends more, and I prayed like no tomorrow. I did whatever it took to grow spiritually and emotionally. When I attended High Performance Academy in March I spent 3 days learning about how to reach my full potential in life, spiritually, socially, and psychologically.  Every day at 10:15am an alarm goes off on my phone that says “You are beautiful, you are strong, you are confident.” You know what? I actually believe those things now! After months of repeatedly telling myself that I believe it 100% through and through. I am more confident in my social interactions, I am better at my productivity and I feel an overall wellness In my body. In May I went to two different women’s ministry weekend retreats. Here is where I learned that God was calling me to minister to women. He sparked something in my heart and surrounded me by amazing women that I strive to be like. I saw a therapist regularly for about 2 months (yes I see a therapist and i’m not ashamed to say that). I read books about self improvement and listened to countless podcast about self improvement. I can confidently say that my heart, my mind, and my spirit have matured in unfathomable ways since last year and it was all because of A. God. But also B. Spending more time working on myself. You should always strive to make yourself better in every way!

#6. “Sit Down, Be Humble” –Kendrick Lamar

Have you ever worked at a really popular gym in Scottsdale Arizona, training people who are worth more than you will ever imagine making, getting you to a point of people always coming up to you asking, “Hey don’t you work at (insert gym name)?”…… I have. It felt good having a tiny (and I mean tiny) bit of fame when I went out on a Saturday night with friends. Then a few months later you’re taking jobs watering plants, cleaning up cat poop, and walking dogs? Can you say HUMBLING!? Wow, I have never experience a more humbling time than the last few months. I was used to having a flexible schedule, a fun job, and a salary that paid well. Then I found myself taking any and every job I could just to make ends meet. Finally I am getting past that stage and working with a great company but I learned a lot through that time. I learned that I should never think too highly of myself. Even if I am worth $1 billion I need to remain humble in all that I do. Reality will give you a nice little smack in the face the moment you think of yourself greater than anybody else.

Well there you have it folks. As I sat with my life coach Tuesday morning at Starbucks we talked about how God is so funny in the way he works. We can have every bit of our lives planned but he will most definitely change it and do things His way. This year my word I chose to keep in my heart is “Focus” I am going to focus more on listening to Gods voice, on one goal at a time, and on what matters most in life. Thank you everybody for continuing to read my blogs and being a part of my life in a small way. I enjoy writing more than anything and I appreciate those of you who are willing to read my words.

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