Finding Joy in…Breakfast: what to eat and does fruit really make you fat?

Hello Everybody!

Have any of you ever gotten a book, or found a podcast that has just blown you away with facts and you can’t get enough of it? No? Just me? Okay well I GEEK OUT over health and fitness stuff. I really enjoy reading and learning about it.

Recently I received the book “Body Love” by Kelly Leveque. IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE! Growing up I struggled with eating problems (body dimorphic and borderline anorexia) I never knew how to eat properly. My days consisted of: eating a big breakfast (usually pancakes topped with peanut butter, syrup and fruit, and bacon with eggs) then starving myself until the next morning. It was pretty sad.

After reading this book I have learned so much about how to properly fuel my body for success. Not only is eating the right food at the right time beneficial for weight loss, it comes with a myriad of other health benefits!


Today I’m writing about BREAKFAST. The importance of what you eat first thing in the morning plays a HUGE role in how your body will function the rest of the day. Not to mention help in weight loss.


Breakfast is so hard for people. Most of my clients come to me saying, “Yeah I don’t have breakfast.” Well that isn’t necessarily bad because then your body is just in a state of fasting (which I’m still learning about and will be another blog very shortly). However, if the first thing you eat all day is a latte and a granola bar (aka sugar and sugar) you are setting yourself up for failure. Same goes if you have a carbohydrate based breakfast like cereal, oatmeal, toast etc. You are lacking adequate protein, fiber, and fats to keep your blood sugar stable for the next 4 hours until you eat again.


When you eat a breakfast that consists mainly of carbohydrates your blood sugar SPIKES! (Meaning: it literally sends a message to your brain saying I WANT MORE CARBS AND SUGAR!!!) Only 1-2 hours later you’ll be hungry again and not only hungry, you’ll be craving bad things like more carbs and sugar. Then lunch hits and you binge eat which sets you into a downward spiral of fatigue, guilt, and weight gain.


Keep this in mind: Carbs alone do not sustain us. They only keep us wanting more. Fruit included.

I mean the bible literally says “man cannot live on bread alone.” God meant that figuratively but I’m thinking he probably meant it literally as well.


“Wait McKenzie, did you just say fruit isn’t good?”

Okay I’m not saying fruit is bad for you. But it isn’t GOOD for you. It may have minerals and vitamins in it but you know what else it has? FRUCTOSE.


SCIENCE LESSON! Fructose is found in fruit and honey. It metabolized differently than any other carbohydrate and turns into fat more quickly. Fructose when broken down in the liver becomes glycerol (sugar alcohol) which then turns into fat. I know what you are thinking “SO FRUIT MAKES ME FAT?!” Well no, it doesn’t but the more fructose you eat (fruit) the more fat you will store, making your fat loss journey more difficult. So this is why I am so against juice cleanses. You are literally feeding your body all fructose for a week. You might lose water weight but you know what that fructose from all the juices turns into? Yep..fat. Consuming large amounts of fruit can lead to high cholesterol, insulin resistance, and fat buildup in the liver and abdomen.


So can you have fruit? That is the question.
YES YOU CAN!!! But limit it to one serving size a day (1/2 of a banana, handful of berries, an apple. Etc.) I always tell my clients to stop eating fruit after breakfast time.


So back to breakfast.

What I am getting at here is society and commercials and even our doctors have led us to believe that having a bowl of oatmeal or whole grain toast for breakfast alone is okay. It isn’t! Our bodies need healthy fats, proteins, and greens to keep us full until lunch hour comes! I hope this helped some of you! When we listen to our bodies and actually educate ourselves on what they need you will be amazed at how much better you feel.



Breakfast ideas:

  1. Egg white omelet with turkey bacon, spinach/veggies, avocado.
  2. Smoothie: protein powder, 1 small serving of fruit, nut butter, almond milk, mct oil, chia seeds, and a handful of spinach.

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  1. georgiadower says:

    Totally agree you definitely should avoid eating fruit in a juice form but that’s because you can drink much more fruit in this form that you could eat if you ate them whole so you consume so much more sugar by drinking a juice. Eat fruit whole! You get all those extra goodies of fibre, vitamins and minerals you don’t get in your fresh juice.

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