Finding Joy in…A New Years resolution. How to make one and how to ACHIEVE it.

Well everybody,

It’s that time again. NEW YEARS! And with that comes the obligatory New Year’s Resolutions. Like me I am sure that all of you have come up with resolutions in years past that only make it to about March (if you’re lucky). Why is it that resolutions are so hard to come up with and even harder to stick with?!

Did you know that 60% of New Year’s resolutions only make it to about February?! That leaves 10 months of the year left with ZERO resolutions met.  After some research it shows that it isn’t the person who causes the resolutions to fail. In fact, it is the resolution that causes itself to fail! So maybe it isn’t the WHAT so much as it is the WHY. I mean think about it. When you have a WHY for anything you are more likely to commit to it. Why are you still with you significant other? Because you love them and you know they are worth fighting for! Why are you still sitting in your office? Because it pays the bills. Why do you workout? Because you eat too many Christmas cookies….er, um maybe that’s just me? KIDDING! We workout because we know the benefits it has on our bodies and it makes us feel good. So my point here being, thinking of a WHY instead of a WHAT for 2018 is more likely going to propel you onward to keeping that resolution.


Here’s a deep question for you all, are you ready?

If you don’t achieve that resolution will you still value and love yourself?

How about this. Do you already value and love yourself?

It is important that we don’t hold so much value on these resolutions that we undermine the reasons behind them. Will your resolution actually hold value in your life? Will it make you a better person? Don’t do something just to do it.

So now you’re thinking… “Well shoot McKenzie now I feel like my whole life, each resolution has been a lie!!” Well that’s not true at all. You just need some more structure when making a resolution! Let’s go over the steps it takes to have a SUCCESSFUL New Year’s Resolution.


So why are you creating this New Year’s resolution? Is it because everybody else is doing it? Be honest with yourself here. Maybe because you have felt so obligated in years past to make a resolution is why you haven’t been able to stick to your resolution?

So instead of:

“I want to lose weight”


“I want to gain confidence in my body and begin to treat it with love by feeding it the right things, and exercising it.”

Basic Resolution to achieve this:

“I will cut out processed foods and workout 3x a week”

#2. Don’t wait! Conquer it NOW!

How many times have you said “my diet starts tomorrow?” Well how many tomorrows are you going to have before you just give up?

My point here is stop making excuses. Get up, Get out, and take that first step you need in order to make your resolutions happen!

Your resolution:

“To earn more money”

What should you do:

Write down tasks that need to happen for you to make more money and create deadlines of when each task needs to be done.


Your resolution:

“To pray more and have daily devotions”

What should you do now?

Set a reminder in your phone at a specific time. Have it SCHEDULED in your planner, your phone, or whatever that every day at (blank time) you will sit down and pray and read your devotions.

Your resolution:

“To eat out less”

What should you do now?

Set aside a specific time and day each week that you will prep your meals.

I really hope this has helped all of you out! We have 2 more days left of 2017!

So now I know what you are thinking, what are my resolutions and how will i achieve them?

I have two!

My big one this year is to be more environmentally conscious. I read a statistic that by the year 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. This news broke my heart. I want to start by eliminating all the plastic-ware and paper plates that I use on a daily basis. I am also going to be calling the owners of my condominium complex and asking them how we can get a recycling bin for our building.

My next resolution. And this one is personal but I feel confident that many of you can relate to this. ” To not let anybody treat me in a way that is not respectful, appreciative, or loving. That I will only accept the absolute best from people! I will not let others walk on me, I will not let boys become a priority over myself, and I will put my heart and feelings first.

How will I achieve this? Well last week I got to sit on the beach for some time by myself. I decided to write things that have caused me pain or hurt me, things that are holding me back, and even names of people that I needed to remove from my life in the sand. I wrote it close to the waves and I watched each wave slowly wash the words away. Something interesting I found while doing this was as I watched I prayed, “God show me something AMAZING!” (kind of expecting to see a killer whale jump out of the water like free Willy with M.J playing in the background, but was content with a cool jelly fish at the very least). Then I heard His voice saying, “McKenzie you won’t stop looking at the name you wrote in the sand.” (the last word to wash away was the name of someone who hurt me pretty badly this past year). I heard God saying, “How can I show you anything amazing if you won’t look up at this amazing creation I have given to you!?” Then as I looked up I saw the majesty in the ocean before me. No giant killer whale, not even a small jelly fish but waves bigger than buildings, and a horizon that went on for days. HIS CREATION IS AMAZING!!!! and I was so blinded and held back from this one name in the sand to even see any of that. I won’t let that happen again this year.


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