Finding joy in…. Motivation. How to gain it back!

We’ve all been there. You started New Years with the mindset of “This is my year to become the fittest version of myself!” You begin the Whole 30 diet, Sober January, paleo, gluten free, vegan, juice cleanse craze and you are IN IT TO WIN IT. Not only that but you’re working out 5x a week and noticing muscle in places you never thought possible. You feel amazing! Then around the 2nd week of January you wake up one morning with a hangover and Taco Bell wrappers stuck to your face. Or maybe you had an event with lots of yummy treats and you went hard and ate all of them because “you deserve it”. Now you’re sitting on your couch with a bag of chips watching the bachelor thinking, “What have I let myself do!?”

Motivation is a crazy thing. It’s so easy to become motivated at times but even easier to lose motivation. Once you have it (if you’re anything like me) you are a force to be reckoned with. However, once you lose it you feel as though it is gone for good.

You’re not alone though. Losing weight is like the #1 New Years resolutions and it’s also the first resolution to be forgotten. So how do we keep that “new-year-new-me” mentality? I’m here to help you!

#1. Recognize how you feel.

Being disappointed in yourself is the worst feeling ever. When you let somebody down you feel bad but it goes away because you weren’t the one that was let down. When you disappoint yourself it sticks with you. You see it, you feel it, it’s all you think about. There’s nothing worse than looking in the mirror and thinking “ How has it come to this?” Once you recognize that feeling of disappointment you need to hone In on it and say “ I refuse to let myself feel this way any longer!” Which brings us to step #2…

#2. Own that burst of motivation.

When you get that split moment of “I NEED TO CHANGE.” Own it. Take advantage of that moment because we all know how quickly it leaves us. Say you’re trying on clothes in the dressing room and you realize those Fast food orders you order every day are starting to creep up on your thighs. Take that moment to put a reminder in your phone that goes off everyday at the same time you pull up to the drive-thru, “I will not order Fast food because I love my body and I want to treat it with love.”

#3. Find an accountability partner.

I received this text tonight.

‘I need motivation.. just ate two tacos and currently still sitting in bed. WHO AM I?!”

I won’t mention her name for privacy but my friend here did the right thing. She texted somebody she knows won’t sugar coat things and who will kick her back into gear! I responded with, GET YOUR A$$ UP AND GO RUN! Lol I know she is the type that can handle those responses.

When you find someone you can trust to encourage you and motivate you, you have just found a true fit friend. Hold on to those.

Example of a bad encourager: “girl don’t worry about it. Let’s go eat more tacos together tomorrow night.”

#4 Action and reaction.

For every action in life there is a reaction. I found this chart and thought it was so useful. We all have off days but it’s what we DO with those off days that will determine our success..

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