Finding joy in the things most health and fitness coaches won’t tell you about when it comes to weight loss

The other day I was at the gym and I was feeling super good about myself. I had thought for the last week that my stomach was looking flatter and my bum was looking tighter. So as I’m at the gym filling up my water bottle I noticed the scale was right there next to the fountain. I had a good 10 second stare down with the scale before I kicked off my shoes and stood up on it.

Dang…. total and complete defeat. I went from feeling good and being happy to sadness, disappointment, and anger In myself. “How did I gain weight?! I’m doing everything right!” Those were thoughts in my head. Immediately I texted my boyfriend and expressed the upset I was feeling and he turned into a total ‘McKenzie’ on me…. “Babe! Aren’t you the one who always tells girls DON’T LOOK AT THE SCALE! or YOU ARE WORTH MORE THAN A NUMBER ON A SCALE” Dang it… he was using my tactics against me.

But it’s true!!! After a long talk about all the lifting I’ve been doing (gaining lots of muscle) and the saltier meal I ate the night before (the water weight) I calmed down and recognized he was right. The scale is a dangerous, dangerous thing. It has the power to completely make you or break you.

Why do we give this square piece of metal so much power though?

I’ve gone through many body transformations as I’m sure some of you have seen and the one thing remains the same through each of them. No matter where my body was at, it didn’t matter unless my emotional and mental state were healthy as well.

No matter what your goals are, whether it’s losing weight, gaining weight, or toning up. There are things that most health and fitness coaches won’t tell you about. The wear and tear it has on your mental and emotional state. Losing weight isn’t just a number on a scale or a dress size. It’s a total lifestyle change. You have to be willing to give up some old ways and gain some new things as well. So I’m taking it upon myself to reach out to all of you before you start your fitness journey to take all of these factors into play because they actually just might be the most important factors of your health and fitness journey.

Here’s my top 4 factors that aren’t talked about when it comes to a new health/fitness journey:

#1. This wont fix all your problems.

Losing weight won’t win that guy of your dreams. It won’t magically fix your broken marriage. It won’t get you the job you want. And it won’t make you love yourself anymore. Those are all accomplished within yourself. Losing weight will definitely boost your self esteem, make your husband look at you a little differently, attract some guys, and help you fit into your old skinny jeans again. But in order to really make significant change in your relationships and life you have to start within. Find what’s been holding you back emotionally from dating. Ask yourself what the root of your marriage problems really are (I know its not a few extra lbs). And when it comes to loving yourself more, thats something that takes time and lot’s of self love and appreciation.

I wish I could say that weight loss was a magic pill for all our problems. And for some of our problems it definitely is. But for the bigger ones, that’s all going to start in your heart.

#2. Weight loss may not change your inner dialogue.

When our body transforms we see it visually from the outside. But there’s still one thing that remains the same. Our brains. What are you telling yourself as you lose weight? Are you thanking your body for what it is doing for you? Are you complimenting the littler areas you see small changes in? Are you appreciating the way you feel after each workout? Or are you beating yourself up for still having small love handles? Are you picking apart your diet and punishing yourself for that extra slice of pizza? Are you mad at yourself for losing 5lbs instead of 10lbs? The way we talk to ourselves is what will keep up from achieving our goals. Love yourself, love your journey, and embrace the victories no matter how small they may be.

#3. A body transformation will not make you happier.

Working out definitely increases your endorphins and gives you a much happier sense of self. But long term happiness isn’t found in the gym. It isn’t found in the bikini you just bought, and it isn’t found after a guy compliments your body on instagram. It’s found from within yourself. It’s found in the deepest parts of your heart. If you find that you are still battling with self doubt, depression, and hurt after losing the weight or building the body of your dreams it might be time to talk to somebody about that. Remember what Christ tells us:

“For physical training is of some value. But Godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.” 1 Timothy 4:8

#4. You may lose friendships

It’s a cruel world. Unfortunately people are not as supportive as you may think they are. Sometimes people don’t want to see you succeed. (It sucks I know). Friends may discourage you from going to the gym to grab drinks with them. Your co-workers might tease you for bringing your own salad to work. And your grandma may pinch your arm and say. “YOU NEED MORE MEAT ON YOUR BONES” (my grandma does this often). Do not let those people keep you from being your healthiest self. You will find out who is for you during a health and fitness journey thats for sure!

I hope this helped you all. My intentions of this post was to remind you that a new health journey is WAY more than outer appearance and a lot more about inner gratitude, love, and respect.

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  1. Aly Nothum says:

    Everything you say is just amazing and helps me think of where I am physically and mentally. My sister is using your program and I can see how positive she is and a little more confident with each day.

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    1. McKenzie Joy says:

      Aly thank you so much! That is so kind of you. You’re sister is awesome!


  2. Julia D. says:

    This is so important to talk about! I’m a coach and I PREACH that the number on the scale does not matter! We focus on non-scale victories – using heavier weights, clothes fitting loser, losing inches, feeling more energy….all more important than the scale number!

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  3. simplykatie10 says:

    All of this is so true. I’m a health coach also and I usually steer people away from the scale. I’ve had lots of ups and downs in this department. Years ago I would travel with my scale because I was so obsessed with the number on it. Everyday depended on what the scale read, it definitely makes or breaks you. My family would always know my scale wasn’t cooperating when I’d come out of my room in a bad mood many mornings. Now I just go by how my clothes fit.

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