Finding joy in… What things don’t bring you joy

What brings you joy?

If you haven’t been up with the current times there’s a new show on Netflix you MUST watch. It’s called tidying up with Marie Kondo. Its amazing I’m telling you. I went right away after watching this little Asian beauty transform peoples homes, and went ahead and started tidying up my own closet and drawers.

Her organizing tactics WORK, they just do. Take it from me, a rather unorganized, definitely not a ‘type A’ girl, whose car looks like a hurricane swept through leaving no survivors. For the most part I would agree with all her ideas and tips for a clean home. Except for one…

She has a famous saying that goes, “If it doesn’t bring you joy then remove it from your life.” Now I get that she is speaking mainly of material things but I couldn’t help but imagine what my life would be like if I were to just get rid of whatever didn’t “bring me joy”.

Life is full of things that don’t bring us joy necessarily but are we supposed to just get rid of them and never look at them again? Or are we supposed to embrace what those less than joyful things are and allow them to grow and shape us?

Here’s what a quick day would look like if we just removed everything that didn’t bring us joy.

6:45am – alarm goes off: “this doesn’t bring me joy”, throws alarm clock out the window. Now you will never wake up on time for work or anything.

7:30am – sitting in traffic and you realize that you have a far from nice vehicle compared to most on the road: “This car does not bring me joy”, decides to throw entire car away, now you have no way to get anywhere,

9:00am – Sitting in your office at the job you worked so hard to get because you knew when you started that in a few years of hard work, you’ll be promoted to what you ACTUALLY want to start doing for your career: “This job does not bring me joy because I’m not where I want to be RIGHT NOW” Quits job entirely and now has no job and no income, little did you know that next week your boss was planning on promoting you.

12:00pm – That one coworker you loath makes another comment about how her fiancé is taking her on another trip to the Bahamas. Your boyfriend is taking you to get tacos tonight at your favorite little hole in the wall place you two have gone to for years, but it doesn’t compare to a Bahamas trip, “Tacos no longer bring me joy the way the Bahamas would” you call up your man and tell him you don’t want to get tacos ever again, little did you know that he was planning on proposing that night.

5:00pm – You come home to your apartment which still has a leaky roof and a small squeak in the door. “This home brings me zero joy!” Meanwhile the family across the street just got evicted and have nowhere to go and would do anything for an apartment like yours.

6:00pm you’re taking off your work clothes and notice your reflection in the mirror. “My body is not bringing me joy anymore i must do a crash diet in order to get what results i want.” You put your system into a state of shock after starving yourself and develop more health problems then if you just treated your body with good healthy food and love.

You guys get the idea. And yes I’m being rather dramatic, but I wanted to prove a point. We are all guilty of being really ungrateful in the heat of the moment. But we need to take that step back to embrace the good that we DO have in our lives. Also recognizing that sometimes life isn’t all joy and sunshine. Sometimes we have to go through some rough patches in order to appreciate what big dreams God has lying head for us.

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