About McKenzie Joy

Hello! I am McKenzie Joy Smalley! Most people just call me McKenzie and those closest to me call me Mack. I am a 25 year old who recently moved from Scottsdale Arizona, to Marshall Michigan. I have an incredible life! I am blessed with an amazing family (My Dad and I) my friends (who I will post about a lot). I have an amazing job as a personal trainer. Where I help women through my online program called BodyJoy.  While my life looks amazing from the outside, I would be nothing without my Lord and without a shadow of a doubt that my faith and life as a Christian has been the greatest adventure I have ever endured.

My goals through this blog:

  • To empower other women through my own life story and experiences.
  • To remind women that we are created perfectly in His image.
  • To teach women that while exercise & health are very important, who we are as a human being on this earth is even more important.
  • To bring joy to each persons day that reads ‘Finding Joy”.
  • To be myself, be real, and honest with all of you.